Thursday, December 23, 2010


why so serious? the famous phrase from the JOKER movie gives people an inclination to think about things in a different light. however instead of being more positive in their outlook people generally prefer to be sadist and enjoy being in gloomy state of sadness. i often see many of my friends posting sad posts and pictures on their social networking walls. please have a look on the kind of pics i often see all around:

 some interesting status messages :
  • i think being alive z nt much of use ...isnt it..??????????????
  • you said you couldn't stand to see my heartbroken.........So when you broke it,Did you close Your eyes
  • ab toh bas life kat rahi h colg mein...
  • life is unfair, get used to it
  • love only hurts
  • winner and looser both stand alone ,whats d difference
  • things are meant to be used and people are meant to be loved bfut the irony is that people are being used and things are being loved.
  • life is tough
there are numerous such examples which keep popping up every now and then out of frustration by people.
perhaps by posting such sadist things they want to convey the loneliness or other unhappy feelings in their lives. they think that people by reading such comments will show sympathy for them and share their sorrows. people nowadays want to be surrounded by negativity and if at all there is some positiveness ,they are just not ready to accept it. For them earth is a hellish place where everybody is supposedly their enemy and mean no good for them.
i wonder why people have to behave in this way when there is so much beauty in the world. its very easy to notice even a slight negative element and exaggerate it . people find it hard to acknowledge even the greater joys in their lives and take them for granted with no special significance. i would suggest everyone to watch "An AMERICAN BEAUTY" and perhaps then people will realise how beautiful our lives are. its just a matter of changing our outlook. The conventional way of looking only at the half empty portion of glass perfectly shows our current attitude towards life.
spreading negativity can only result in more sadness. just try noticing the little happy elements in your lives and you will find that you are the happiest person on earth. why worry about the future or lament the past when you have an exciting present to live your life.
Now again have a look on the above pics and then look down to see for yourself how delighted our mind becomes when we see something joyful.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

JPC: an albatross round the CONGRESS's neck

"face JPC or quit",BJP tells PM Manmohan Singh
BJP has been persuading Congress to go for Joint Parliamentary committee (JPC) probe into the alleged 2G spectrum scan. the parliament has been in deadlock since many days due to BJP's refusal to attend the paliament until Congress caters to their demand.
Congress has been in a denial state as they believe that JPC is not of much use as it has not brought out any useful results in past too.
the ruling and the opposition parties have brought the functioning of the biggest democracy to halt. i think both parties are to be blamed for showing disregard to country's political system.
BJP has been adhered to JPC probe and boycotted every parliament sitting due to non-acceptance of their demand. The so called BHARTIYA JANTA PARTY has no respect for bhartiya janta nor do they care about the smooth functioning of parliament. BJP has unnecessarily opted to boycott whereas they could have peacefully tried to persuade their demand alongside going through the important hearings in parliament which are more important. Only BLP knows what hidden treaure lies for them in JPC probe. Aam janta can only lament on their stupidity which has halted the growth of our democracy.
CONGRESS too has not shown a mature attitude. when they know that BJP wont ditch their decision of JPC, they should allow JPC probe so that parliament can again start functioning. This immature attitude of Congress has brought great shame on their part as people are now even doubting the honest appeal of our Prime minister Manmohan Singh which is bound to happen as people now think that there might be something which Congress doesnt want to come out thorough JPC probe.
If Congress really has nothing to hide than why it doesnt allow this probe??
Both CONGRESS and BJP have degraded themselves to lowly levels by playing cheap politics.
"For too long people of India have taken PM on his value and given him lot of consideration for his honesty and integrity. What have people got in return from PM: 2G scam, Commonwealth scam, a corrupt CVC, Adarsh scam, untamed loose talking of Digvijay, and so on - all under his nose and supervision. How can an honest man of integrity have a so many blemishes? People are feeling betrayed by this honest man.",a quote from toi's website.
Doubts are now being raised over the authenticity of our democratic structure and many people now want a change in the system. Well i believe its not the system but the parties which need to change their mindsets and start respecting the democratic functioning.


I am back home (the best place on earth for me) after going through a hectic semester in my college. i shall better not talk about my academics here which are in a state of total mess since i joined the college. After struggling to escape E grade in almost every course now i am back home where there is only joy and no tensions whatsoever regarding studies. i wonder why some of my friends hesitate to go to their homes . perhaps they might have some personal problems or they feel bored being at home. For me home is a place where my mind is totally relaxed and my creative minds starts thinking about new perspectives. I enjoy being with my family members. i can go on and on praising my home life. College life is undoubtedly awesome but then sometimes i just want to relax without worrying about tomorrow and nothing gives me more pleasure at that moment when i am at home safe and secure in the abode of my parents.