Sunday, March 6, 2011

TOMORROW, next week, next month, NEW YEAR………….

All of the above words/phrases represent the hope of doing something good ahead in future. Perhaps all our goals, ambitions and even day to day life tasks are dependent on them and we will surely be left handicapped without their presence in our lives. Tomorrow is as important for us as our Today. We say to ourselves we shall do this and that surely from tomorrow onwards…..from next week…from next month…in new year…………..
Our commitments with the future are just so many that we somehow fail to realize that we do have today to do whatever we want without depending upon  tomorrow. When we postpone something for future don’t you think we are allowing THE LAZY MONSTER  in us to overrule us?
If I want to go to gym then why not today? Why does it always happen that 1st day of next month will also be the first day we see the gym for first time? Why does it has to be tomorrow when we shall start something? Are we afraid of doing something in the present?
Well I believe it’s just the laziness which blinds us and we tend to develop the idea of going with our usual routine today and overburden our tomorrows. We seek pleasure in taking siesta for the moment and leave our tasks for future.
If we really care for our life why do we need to postpone things for good when we can act now and get the benefits as soon as possible. It all can be narrowed down to what Kabir says in his infamous verse:

At last I would just like to say that nobody has seen tomorrow. We can just make assumptions about our future but we cannot be even 1% sure of it. Every tomorrow becomes today so why not use the TODAY that we have now to its fullest !


  1. valid point... v r just too lazy to get out of our comfort zone... v take everythng for granted... thn dere's also d fact dat v start making excuses to justify ourselves... if u wanna do sumthng, jst go ahead n do it... no point waiting for the "right time"...

  2. @Ra1 baahhhhhhhh...well said dude !!


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