Thursday, January 20, 2011

BLASPHEMY-is it really worth punishing people?

Blasphemy is something which you say or do that shows you DO NOT RESPECT GOD or religion. Almost every religion has blasphemy laws which severely punishes offenders who show any acts of blasphemy.
According to Judaism, those who speak blasphemy "shall surely be put to death".
Christianity condemns blasphemy and considers it as unforgivable-the eternal sin.
In Islamism, penalties for blasphemy can include fines, imprisonment, flogging, amputation, crucifixion, hanging, or beheading.
Individuals have been accused of blasphemy or of insulting Islam for:
  • speaking ill of God
  • finding fault with Muhammad
  • slighting a prophet who is Qur’an, or slighting a member of Muhammad's family
  • claiming to be a prophet or a messenger.
  • speculating about how Muhammad would behave if he were alive (Nigeria).
  • drawing a picture to represent Muhammad or any other prophet, or making a film which features a prophet (Egypt).
  • writing Muhammad's name on the walls of a toilet (Pakistan).
  • naming a teddy bear Muhammad (Sudan).
  • stating facts such as: Muhammad's parents were not Muslims (Pakistan).
  • invoking God while committing a forbidden act.
We might say it with pride that we are now living in a modern society where everyone has the right to freedom of religion but the bitter truth that still prevails is that blasphemy laws still exist in many countries and people are still even given death sentences for speaking against a religion. I just came to know about such a case where a Pakistani Christian woman named Asia bibi was convicted by a Pakistani Court of blasphemy and received  a death sentence by hanging. Her only fault was speaking some ill things about Islam. Even a Punjab governor, Salman Taseer was  shot dead for supporting her and this is all happening in 2011 only.
This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever come across in which you are unnecessarily punished for expressing your views about something. Instead of punishing people an ideal religious organization should in fact counsel the offender and should teach him the exact message which a religion carries and I believe every religion has sound principles which are only meant for humanity’s benefit but by passing blasphemy laws a religion’s image is totally tarnished. Islam extremists have always been accused of imposing their religion on others and by punishing those who speak against them I believe they are justifying their status.
One cannot impose any religion on others and nor should anyone has the right to punish those who speak ill about any religion. Blasphemy Laws are inhuman and I feel glad that at least Hinduism does not have such laws.
I agree that it is not fair to ridicule any religion but then we need to understand that one shouldn’t be hanged for merely saying a hate line about prophet. Broad-mindedness is the word which such extremists should better include in their mind vocabulary.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

GUJJARS grow up !

Rajasthan gujjars, Delhi fog keep city travellers waiting

‎We'll probe BJP link behind Gujjar stir: CM

Gujjar agitation hits Rajasthan tourism hard

Gujjars continue stir despite govt intervention

Sixth day of agitation: Gujjars block another rail route

Another incident of public protest where agitators are doing their best to get their demands fulfilled at any cost. This time its GUJJARS who are now protesting again to get 5% quota in government jobs. They had earlier protested in 2007 in the same way as now  by damaging public property including burning buses, stopping trains, removing railway tracks, etc. etc. and so far their agitation has claimed more than 70 lives. As far as I know they now want 5% quota exclusively for them in the 21% reservation which currently exists for OBCs and they want to be included in SC/ST list.
In July 2009, the Rajasthan government announced five percent reservation for Gujjars and 14 percent for the economically backward classes, taking the total reservation in the state for various sections of society to 68 percent. Since the total reservation had exceeded the Supreme Court cap of 50%, the high court in October 2009 stayed the quota in jobs and educational institutions in the state for Gujjars and the economically backward classes. In a ruling Dec 22, 2010, the high court struck down the job quota for Gujjars but the gujjars are just not ready to give up and now they are warning of more severe protests.
Just consider this one more blunder from gujjars----
--------A year ago, Gujjars in Rajasthan fought police and members of another caste that already qualified for job reservations. After the protests, the State government said it would spend Rs 2.8 billion on improving schools, clinics, roads and other infrastructure in Gujjar areas. But Gujjars rejected this option.------
 This attitude of gujjars clearly explains that they just want to get jobs without doing any work and more importantly they don’t care a bit about their social development and education of their children. In fact they want to be known as the most backward tribe so that they get govt jobs easily.
Well I don’t care much about how backward they want to be but the only thing which gets on my nerves is the ridiculous ways which they have adopted to get their demands fulfilled. Who the hell gives them the right to damage the public property which is totally financed by the money we pay as taxes to the govt. . Its indirectly our personal property which these retarded agitators somehow fail to understand. How can they stop the trains which have no relevance to their protest. Why is it that its always the  common people  who suffer the most due to their protests. What wrong have we done to them??
Moreover their protest is no less than putting the knife on govt’s and judiciary’s necks to heed to their demands no matter if they really makes any sense or not. Don’t be surprised if GUJJARS start kidnapping your family members to demand reservation in return from govt.
Why blame GUJJARS only, our country has many such villains like MNS,SHIV SENA,RSS,VHP and the list goes on who are selfish to the core and can damage their country to any extent for their own benefit.
I seriously believe that such kind of protests should not be allowed and people involved in any sort of damage to public property should be put behind bars permanently .  Most of the people involved in these incidents are youngsters who have absolutely nothing to do and burn the buses just for fun.
If these GUJJARS really have balls than they should be able to voice their demands in a civilized manner and if their demands are legitimate our govt will automatically agree.
I personally wish that GUJJARS shouldn’t get any reservation quota and instead they should be penalized for disrupting public convenience. If GUJJARS win than tomorrow some other group will strive for same and more havoc will be created in our society.
F**K you GUJJARS…….F**K you MNS............F**K you SHIV SENA……………