Thursday, February 17, 2011

SUDOKU : An Art so deep

SUDOKU(pronounced as soo-doh-kuu) is a Japanese number puzzle  in which one has to fill numbers from 1-9 in each row, each column and each 3x3 box thereby completing the whole 9x9 grid.  People say its just a number game where you only have to apply logic for putting numbers from 1-9. Well they are partially correct if you just solve easy level Sudoku but the real taste of solving a difficult Sudoku puzzle can only be enjoyed by those who treat solving this puzzle game as a matter of life and death because only then can one realize that its not just logic and reasoning which are indispensable for solving the puzzle but your  overall attitude and the feel with which you approach the puzzle. It is not a puzzle of trial and error as well since it is totally based on logic as I said earlier and every move that you take is for sure the correct if done properly.
For me solving Sudoku is as deep an art as painting where I can dive deep into the ocean of numbers scattered everywhere and come out with the correct numbers. The way you explore this ocean matters a lot in getting the answers of your puzzle. There are a lot of roads which you can take for reaching the destination of one box in the grid and you will be surprised to know that there are so many fantastic ways to get to the correct answer. The way your mind will process the numbers and filter only the correct number is truly amazing. Getting lost diving into the ocean is also enlightening.
The best part is the feeling of satisfaction which you get after successfully completing the whole puzzle. the more you get involved in this game the more passionate you become to come out victorious as soon as possible.
Those who frequently encounter  Sudoku puzzles will agree with me that it’s more of a beautiful timeless canvass where you can put your thoughts the way you like and still won’t get tired of painting on it again.
If you haven’t tasted the Sudoku tea yet then my only advise for you will be to try it soon coz only then you can fully understand the fathomless beauty of Sudoku.   

Monday, February 7, 2011

Am I faking ?

When I am sitting in a class, am I actually listening to the teacher or just pretend to listen !
When I am talking to my parents, am I stating everything or just manipulating the things !
When I am talking to a preity girl, am I being myself or trying to be the way she likes !
When I am with my friends, am I sharing a chocolate with them too or eating alone !
When i am buying a branded item, am i buying the genuine stuff or its cheap clone !
When I am studying for an exam, am I learning the concepts or just mugging the facts !
When I am doing engineering, am I looking forward to be an able engineer or just avoiding the risk of becoming someone inferior !
When I am ……………………………. , am I ……………………. Or just ………………………….. !
When I am writing this blog, am I being true or just faking it again ?
{well thats upto you  to decide}