Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am back home (the best place on earth for me) after going through a hectic semester in my college. i shall better not talk about my academics here which are in a state of total mess since i joined the college. After struggling to escape E grade in almost every course now i am back home where there is only joy and no tensions whatsoever regarding studies. i wonder why some of my friends hesitate to go to their homes . perhaps they might have some personal problems or they feel bored being at home. For me home is a place where my mind is totally relaxed and my creative minds starts thinking about new perspectives. I enjoy being with my family members. i can go on and on praising my home life. College life is undoubtedly awesome but then sometimes i just want to relax without worrying about tomorrow and nothing gives me more pleasure at that moment when i am at home safe and secure in the abode of my parents.

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  1. Tarosh Bhai..ghar ke anand ki baat hi kuch aur hai :)


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